Project Dennis


Project Dennis is the launching pad of beautiful Manga Art Token.

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Project Dennis is a launching pad for Manga Art Tokens (Dennis and Beauty).

Are you a fan of fantasy, beauty and gaming? Do you want to own a piece of digital art that is unique, scarce and valuable? If so, you might be interested in the latest NFT project on the Cardano blockchain: welcome to Project Dennis!
Project Dennis is not just a static art project. It is also a gaming platform that allows you to use your NFTs as avatars in various games and experiences. You can explore the world of fantasy, interact with other players, join quests, earn rewards and level up your characters. You can also trade, sell or buy NFTs on the Cardano marketplace.


When you own beautiful manga art  

you already have a place in the future game and own new coming NFTs that will be implemented in the game!

Tokenomics 1,000,000 Dennis tokens


Investors and Marketing


Decentralized Exchanges


To be burned over time


Dennis - Beauty Swap

About Dennis & Beauty!

$Dennis is the betting token when you duel other online players in battle! $Beauty is the reward token you can find in the Dennis Game World! We provide a whole bulk of entertainment to ensure stable growth of the game. The profound expertise of our team, deep understanding of all web3 aspects, ideal knowledge of processes will help to deal with various issues.We create unique and innovative solutions and you’ll see the difference!

Road Map



Marketing, create (dApps/DEX), launch on a centralized exchange. Form a good tech team that can help create the last details on a fantasy game with a rewarding system. Later to adopt to more Web3 similar functions as VR.



DENNIS vs BEAUTY teams with some reward system as part of our use case for the tokens.


Burn Party

Yes, that's right! We're going to burn Dennis tokens out of the circulation supply.


Beauty / Dennis Swap

You may swap Dennis Tokens with Beauty Tokens.

Game Development

our project, and our values drive us to achieve more.

We always work hard to improve our game experience. We love challenging tasks that require an innovative approach. a unique solution, we are ready to fine-tune our existing game to meet all your demands.
Dennis Token introduces a host of features that redefine user engagement, rewards, and participation within the Cardano NFT space. Initially integrated into the MANGA WORLD game platform with mutual priorities and values. We know that only those committed to their work can provide the best-quality products and services. That’s why every person that wants to join our team should undergo rigorous selection.these features will enhance the overall user experience, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that resonates with traders, and those seeking a gamified shopping experience





We are grateful to all sponsors for supporting our project.

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If you have any questions or discuss collaboration options, drop us a message.

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